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12/9/2020 11:39 am  #1

Haddies Forum-abuse posts

Hi Haddies!
I created this forum a couple of years ago when the other forum just disappeared off the face of the internet! So by default i became Admin of the forum.
I am not currently a member of the Haddies as i have a chronic Achilles issue!
I get all the abuse emails(thanks Ewan) , which seem to have increased recently.
There are also a hundreds of new names registered on the forum, which mostly appear NOT to be bona fide Haddies members, and these are the people making the ‘bad’ posts.

There are too many new registered names to easily delete them all manually, and there is no way to select multiple users to delete at the same time as far as i can see... it would take many, many, many hours to get rid of the 15 pages or so of dodgy users... but maybe that should be done, by someone who is at home with nothing much to do!! - any volunteers?..
I have added an ‘approval’ option for all new registrations which stops anyone joining the forum without getting approval from Admin... so ALL new users MUST now be approved by Admin.
I also added the following 3 questions to weed out the abusers from genuine applications:

Q1 - How did you hear about the Haddies?
Q2 - Approximately where do you live?
Q3 - Where do you normally train?

The above should help weed out suspicious applicants..
So when a new person applies to join... admin has to assess the user and their answers and if they are thought to be believable, Admin can approve them.
The only issue is that there are still hundreds of registered forum users who need to be deleted and can still post...
Sorry that i didn’t catch this earlier.
Note: I have made Ewan an Admin user, hope that’s ok, and Ewan, you can appoint more admins, moderators etc as you see fit.
An alternative is to abandon this forum, find a new one and set security from the start..

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13/9/2020 2:10 pm  #2

Re: Haddies Forum-abuse posts

Hi Nick, I would be happy to be added as admin to help manage the forum. Think it would be best to have a few different people if possible


14/9/2020 8:23 am  #3

Re: Haddies Forum-abuse posts

Hi Ross, Ok thanks, I’ll add you as Admin too. Cheers, Nick

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